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Interactive Exercise Balls

A certified (CE) medical device that functions via biological feedback and is made up of a system of interactive balloons used as an engaging rehabilitative instrument during physiotherapy, ergotherapy, neurorehabilitation, and even regular exercise.

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Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in physiological and cognitive functions through the simultaneous combination of physical and mental activity.


Phyiscal + Mental Training

SunBall enables the improvement of patients’ motivation and attention through interactive gaming tasks, which encourages neuroplasticity and assists in motoric learning.


Instant + Objective Results

SunBall immediately provides objective results and graphical representations for convenient interpretations in terms of recovery progress and composition, load distribution, magnitude of applied pressure, and calories burned.


Limitless Suitability

SunBall can be used by a broad spectrum of users, regardless of age, performance, or type of limitation the user may suffer from; as it is an enrichment tool for exercise or rehabilitative purposes.

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